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Milka Pan Portrait

Interdisciplinary artist Milka Pan has been presenting her work across Europe as well as collaborating with professionals as a performer. Her practice revolves mainly around site specific performance work, audience participation and body awareness in relation to place(ment) and time(ing). Born in Bulgaria, she’s lived in Cyprus, London and Italy, where she’s currently based.

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy in 2006. Along with her visual art work, she became increasingly interested in stage work and body language and so embarked on an ongoing journey of experimenting with different forms of movement and dance theatre.

In 2010 she was awarded with a distinction by the University of the Arts of London for her MA in Theatre: Visual Language of Performance, where she concentrated her research on the degrees of audience participation and its impact on the ephemerality of performance, with particular attention to sensory deprivation and body memory.

Milka also conducts movement workshops that explore the possibilities of dancing based on imaging and touch and she’s extended her studies and practice to early movement and sensory development and is a certified Contakids teacher.