Milka Pan Portrait

Performance maker and visual artist, Milka Pan has been presenting her own work across Europe as well as collaborating with theatre directors, choreographers, dancers and curators.

Born in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1982, she has grown up and studied in Cyprus and the UK and is currently based in Italy.

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy in 2006. Along her artistic practice, she pursued a voyage on the language of movement by following and participating in courses, workshops and festivals on dance and theatre, extending her practice to performance.

In 2010 she was awarded with a distinction by the University of the Arts of London for her MA in Theatre: Visual Language of Performance, where she concentrated her research on the possibilities of direct communication between performer and audience, with particular attention to the human senses and body memory.

An integral part of Milka’s work is sharing her research and experience through teaching and tutoring both professional artists and amateurs. After the birth of her children, she has also focused her studies and practice on early movement and sensory development, becoming a certified Contakids instructor.

She also teaches Art and English as a second language.