Hide and Seek. Touch and Feel.

Milka Panayotova’s “Hide and Seek. Touch and Feel” is about playing games, just as children do. It takes the audience on the street, a natural playground, that reserves surprise and unexpected encounters. Everyone is invited to explore freely and safely in an environment that is unpredictable and in constant transformation.

 Milka Pan Hide and Seek 2

Taking some elements from the popular game (Hide and Seek) played by children all over the world, in endless variations, the work eventually invites participants to observe and feel what in our everyday lives may seem a little too obvious. Staying silent and alert, just like when hiding or looking for someone, becomes a starting point for rediscovering the city of Nicosia, touching and feeling it.

 MIlka Pan Hide and Seek 1 

The urban settings have the ability of offering a great deal of information, that is in this case lived and interpreted by everyone in a different manner. Just as Hide and Seek gets more exciting with more players, so the performance with its participative audience creates a ground for confrontation and collaboration without eliminating at the same time a personal and intimate interpretation. Unexpected encounters of people, objects, texture, sounds and smells intertwine in a non linear sequence that creates an ephemeral experience for participants. 

After all, it’s a game. And games always work out differently, never repeating exactly the same way. So, are you ready to play?


2017, December 2-10
Concept & Direction: MILKA PANAYOTOVA
Duration: 40 minutes ca.