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Blind Trust from Milka Panayotova on Vimeo

'Blind trust' is about involving all our senses in perceiving the space and movements around us. While vision and language are the main ways of communication, the show tries to create dialogue in the absence of those two. One participant at a time has their turn in taking a short voyage, where vision is a vital instrument in perception and yet serves nothing when you are blindfolded by one of the dancers. From there on, you can trust the performers who will stay by your side untill the end of the trip. In the absence of sight, haptic contact becomes a main element in performance, where our perceptions, still largely based on images, become a personal interpretation and at the same time an immediate response to a stimulus.
Research suggests that usually thirty percent of our daily perceptions depend on touch, hearing and smell, while vision alone makes up for the rest. 'Blind trust' looks at how those thirty percent can be amplified, simply employing the underused senses of each individual and through the interaction with dancers.

Concept, development, set design and presentation: Milka Panayotova
Original music: Giacomo Natali
Performing: Charlie Hendren, Laura Erwin, Marta Masiero, Martina Armaro, Michael Kelland, Milka Panayotova, Rata Thuvasin
Approximate duration: 15 minutes

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